How using Kinesiology Tape for Gamer’s Thumb and Wrist Pain can Help

How using Kinesiology Tape for Gamer’s Thumb and Wrist Pain can Help


Worldwide statistics show that nearly 1 in 2 people today are regularly using smart phones and 1 in 4 are regularly playing video games.

For gamers and smart phone users there are risks associated with excessive game play and use. The most common injury is tendonitis of the thumbs or wrists. One study has shown that up to 40% of gamers experience pain in their thumbs at some point in time, and there are an equal number who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. The thumb is responsible for much of what is required when playing video games and/or using your smart phone. The wrist also plays a significant role.

Furthermore, ergonomic considerations are often overlooked contributing further to putting excessive strain on wrists and thumbs.

Symptoms of Gamer's Thumb and Wrist Tendinitis.

Gamer's thumb and wrist injuries are any pain or injury that result from prolonged overuse playing video games and using smart phones or computers for long periods of time.

The pain can range from dull, aching pain to severe sharp shooting pain around the thumb and wrist area. This condition can be aggravated due to maintaining poor posture whilst engaged in playing games and / or using your smart phones or PCs. The gamer will experience inflammation, swelling, stiffness and in extreme cases sharp pain in the area after the gaming session is over.

How Kinesiology Tapes help to treat Gamers Thumb and Wrist Pain

Gamers Thumb and Wrist tendinitis occur as a result of repetitive strain injuries which come from using a controller, mouse, smart phone or other device for prolonged period of time. It can cause pain and inflammation in the thumb, swelling and discomfort, and even numbness in the hand. This can result in discomfort and affect performance. The wrist pain can also be caused by repetitive motions such as pressing buttons or rapidly moving a joystick.

Kinesiology tape can be applied to assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation of these conditions without compromising your range of motion. It can also help with other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and other forms of repetitive strain injury.

How to apply Kinesiology Tape for Gamers Thumb and Wrist

  1. Cut a single strip of Kinesiology Tape in half with rounded corners.
  2. On your thumb nail apply the tip of one half.
  3. Gently stretch the strip so it's straight before securing it at your wrist.
  4. Gently lower your wrist joint and lightly press the tape to your skin. Raise it back to the original angle.
  5. Apply the end of the second half on top of the first one but a little further in front, so it hangs over your thumb nail.
  6. Secure it over the fingertip.
  7. Gently stretch the strip and secure it a little further towards your elbow than the first strip.
  8. Repeat step (d).
  9. Cut another single length of kinesiology tape in half down the middle. Cut corners of the tape so that the edges are rounded. This help to prevent the tape from coming off prematurely.
  10. Holding the ends of one strip with both hands, stretch out the middle.
  11. Apply the middle across the base of your thumb joint and gently secure the ends down each side of your hand / wrist
  12. Repeat step (j) with the second short strip.
  13. Apply the second strip on top of the first strip but, about an inch further towards your elbow.

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