Simple Eg. How to tape a horse for shoulder problems and muscle atrophy.

The use of kinesiology or muscle tapes to treat and prevent horse muscle and joint injuries has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. The kinesio tapes or muscle tapes provide support and stability for equine muscles, joints and other soft tissue structures without compromising the horse’s natural range of motion. Some of the reasons for the increasing popularity of kinesiology tapes for horses and animals are that they are stretchable and elastic, non-invasive, supportive and found to be effective over time.

Today, horses are used mainly for sporting and entertainment. They are used in equestrian events such as show jumping, polo, and horse racing. They are, therefore, prone to a wide range of injuries. Kinesiology tapes are an important modality that form an integral part of treatments used by more and more veterinarians and other equine therapists to treat such injuries.

Our specially designed 5 cm, 10 cm and 32 metres horse kinesio or muscle tapes tapes are available in cotton and synthetic in a wide range of colors. By using modern technology in consultation with many experts our equine tapes have been improved over the past 20 years or so to provide maximum muscle and joint stabilization for horses without affecting their mobility or performance.

TTB's line of kinesiology tapes are specially engineered for animal use in general and horses in particular. Unlike a brace that is constructed to be worn on a specific part or joint of the body, therapeutic kinesiology tapes can be applied to a wide variety of targeted areas and joints of the body. 

Our range of kinesio tapes or muscle tapes are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and are designed specifically for use on animals especially horses. The therapeutic tapes are made out of either a cotton or synthetic fabric with a hypoallergenic, acrylic medical grade adhesive coating that is activated by rubbing the tape after it has been applied. 

Although the use of kinesiology tape as a therapeutic modality to treat horses and other non hairy animals may be beneficial it is contra-indicated under certain circumstances. A full list of contra-indications are listed below and also refer to the insert in our boxes. They can also be viewed in our detailed instructions on our website – click on the tab “INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLY TAPE  FOR HORSES”. In order to obtain best results it is essential to follow the simple instructions on how to apply our kinesiology tapes.  Make sure to read and follow the instructions as accurately as possible. 


Tapes should not be used under the following conditions: 

  • Infections and skin diseases
  • Open wounds and fractures
  • Malignant cancers
  • Advanced kidney diseases
  • Congestive heart failure and any cardiovascular conditions
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • During fever
  • During pregnancy

 Caution: Kinesiology tapes are not clinically proven and results may vary. Always consult your Veterinarian or other animal health care provider before use. Our warranty is strictly limited to replacement of the product.