Therapeutic Tapes + Bandages is an innovative company of accomplished professionals using state of the art technology to provide high-quality kinesiology tapes and bandages at competitive prices for both human and animal use with a special focus on horses.

The founder has been in the health care field for over 45 years with extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal related problems using a multi-disciplinary approach that included the use of body braces and kinesiology tapes.

After retiring she received a certification in Equine Kinesiology Taping and co-founded Therapeutic Tapes + Bandages. TTB specializes in our own line of medical supportive devices for both humans and animals.

All the products are of premium quality and have passed the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Certification. Our animal tapes and bandages are specifically engineered for animal use and can be used for a variety of conditions. Less hairy animals like horses can benefit from our high-quality products.

A part of the sale of our animal products will be donated to Veterinarians Without Borders.

We have worked diligently to bring high quality products to market at competitive prices while maintaining exceptional service for our customers.